Smile of Angkor

Taking in the Smile of Angkor show and explore Cambodia's cultural heritage with an amazing mix of typical music, amazing dances, and charming myths. After taking pleasure in a different and tasty buffet meal, sit back and discover 6 gorgeous performs that illumine this country's attractive story.

Arrive at the Smile Angkor Grand Theater and enjoy in a truly delicious buffet dinner that gives a large variety of localized and worldwide meals. Then sit back and available yourself for the Smile of Angkor expressing. Divided into 6 performs, the show takes you on a passage through the historical city of Angkor.

Initiate with "Conversation with God," where a little one whole of questions moves through time to the mystical city of Angkor. Then, learn about the background of Cambodian civilization and folklore in "Wonderful Kingdom" before you see the "Churning the Sea of Milk" art, which describes a war amongst the devas (gods) and the asuras (demons) arguing for Amrita, the Elixir of Life.

"Resurrection of God" sees ballerinas stepping into a trance-like state approximately a ring of fire, revealing stories scratched in the historic Angkor Wat temple, the greatest devout monument in the world. After that be mesmerized by the mystifying dancing and unique performance with "Prayer of Life."

For the ending, the "Smile of Angkor" brings the meaning of bliss by smiling. Smile for your self as you take place to the end of this absolutely fascinating present.

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